Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download

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Kingdom Wars 2 Battles is a ( Fantasy Real Time Strategy Video Game)  for ( Microsoft Windows,MacOS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile ). Developed and published by (Reverie World Studios.) !Released on March 27.2015.Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link .  You Can Also Download Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game.
Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download
Playing as eitherhumans, orcs, or elves, it’ll take skill, brains and reflexes to best your opponents.Kingdom Wars 2 Battles, or KW2B, gives you plenty of options to play with.You’ve got a single player skirmish mode, where you can fight as any of the game’sthree factions in a customized battle with the AI. You also have a story driven campaignmode, for those preferring a more structured gameplay experience. You can alsointeract with your friends online through the game’s guilds, and see how you stackup against other players through the online rankingsystem. The single player is where the true meat ofthis game lies. You’re able to customize your gameplay experience throughoptions such as setting your allies and opponents, and placing limits on your resources.You also have the option to turn on ‘Creeps’, which will place minature hostileencampments around the map, hindering your assault on the enemy kingdoms
One uniquefeature of this game is the ‘Zombies’ option, which causes recently slain corpsesto rise from the dead and attack anything insight. This can be potentially devastating to your armies if you aren’t careful! You’reable to set whether you want a high or low amountof corpses to be resurrected in your game, allowing you set your own challenge.The game’s campaign gives you a story, and a reason for you to fight andconquer. The story is a classic Orcs vs. Humans conflict, in which the humans arefighting to survive the orc onslaught. The campaign guides you step by step, giving youspecific objectives to complete. If you haven’t played The first Kingdom Wars, or you’renew to the RTS genre, this might be a good place for you to start.The gameplay in KW2 is different for each of the game’s three factions, but fornow we’ll focus on the Orcs. There are two differents types of Orcs in the game:Marauders, and laborers. Laborers do most of the resource gathering, besides food,which is hunted for by the marauders. With your resources you can construct variousbuildings such as huts, which expand your population limit, and war barracks, whereyou produce your orc warriors. You also have siege barracks, where you produceequipment to siege The enemy kingdom, and warg pens, which produce food and allowyour orcs to ride wargs into battle. Each of the three factions have their own uniquebuildings, contributing to their varied play styles. Eventually, orc marauders and laborerswill need upgrades to remain effective as the game goes on. For example, maraudersand laborers can be upgraded into impalers, units with a stronger focus on meleecombat. Outside of individual skirmishes, you’vegot tech and card mechanics. Techs are unlocked with items, which are gained throughcompleted matches, daily login bonuses, and trading. Trading can be done with otherplayers through the main menu. Techs enable new units, buildings and research inbattles. Cards are boosts and bonuses that can be used during battles to give you anadvantage. The games graphics are definitely not thehighlight. The character models are low quality, and it’s difficult to makeout any real detail on them. The buildings looktacky, and are also low on detail. About the only thing that looks acceptable is the water.The map designs are decent, and can be distinguished from one another, but there wasnothing that really stood out as impressive.
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Minimum System Requirements Of  Kingdom Wars 2 Battles:
Before you start  Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
  • OS: Windows Vista/7
  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
  • RAM:  3 GB
  • HDD: 5 GB available space
  • Video Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 / ATI Radeon HD 6570

Screen Shots Of Kingdom Wars 2 Battles:

Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download
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 The sound design is equally noncaptivating.It sets the mood for the game, but doesn’t stand out as unique. The voice actingis alright, but still sounds like someone mindlessly reading a script. The units oftenrepeat dialouge when given commands, so be prepared to hear ‘Would you like a potato?’every time you assign your humans to food production.The gameplay is complex, yet workable. There’s a lot going on at once in eachbattle, and a it’s a lot to keep your eye on. It takes some time to get used to andunderstand. The game does have some bugs and graphical glitches, but nothing gamebreaking. The story in Kingdom Wars 2 is lacking indepth as well, and is very linear. The campaign is being released in episodic fashion,so you can’t even reach the conclusion to the story at this time. For now, it mainlyjust serves as a linear gameplay experience. In conclusion, my personal experience withRTS games in minimal, and trying out a game of this magnitude was a dauntingtask. After over ten hours of gameplay, I wasn’t quite as drawn in as I’d hopedto be. The game isn’t bad by any means, and I’msure if you loved the first game, you’ll like this one as well. Unless you’re willingto put in the time and effort to really learn the gamehowever, you might not get the RTS experience that you’re looking for.

Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download

Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download

Extract the file using Winrar. (Download Winrar)
Open “Kingdom Wars 2 Battles” >> “Game” folder.
Then double click on “Kingdom Wars 2 Battles” icon to play the game. Done!

Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Game Free Download

Game Size:1.8 GB

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